How to Fix A Phone That Is Not Charging

Everybody likes to keep their phone maximum charged. Mostly people charge their phone before going out. But have you noticed how frequently you are charging your phone? Is it taking more time than general or even not charging at all?

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There could be many reasons behind your phone won’t charge. It does not matter your phone is brand new or quite old, this could be the problem with anyone. Today, I will share some methods to fix the phone that is not charging.


Restarting your Smartphone sometime helps in fixing the issue. Moreover rebooting restart software and internal hardware which might be wrong somewhere. If you think your smartphone is not charging properly then you must try rebooting.

Check Your Charger Cable

In most cases we find faults in our smartphones but ignore our charger cable. Incompatible and non-authentic cable could be the culprit. The cable might not be compatible with the power-supply standards of your phone or the charging adaptor. You must use only in box charging cable or recommended for your smartphone. Just replace it and check if the problem has been solved?

Malware/Faulty Apps

Your smartphone might not be charging due to some unwanted apps. These apps might be stopping your phone from being charged. You should remove those apps immediately and install apps only from trusted and verified store.

Update Can work

Keeping your smartphone software updated will lower the chances of such battery charging issues. Manufactures regularly release software updates. But mostly smartphone users do not bother to update their smartphone. I have seen people complaining about charging issue but ignore simple reasons behind it. Keep your phone updated that not only solve charging issues but provide safety against malwares also.

Check USB Port

Current might not be transferring to your phone due to dust or sticky objects inside USB Port. In that case you should switch off your phone first. If the phone battery is removeable then you should take it out. Use toothpick or something like that to clean the port. Be careful while taking out the dust. Now re-insert the battery and power on the device.  In most cases you can recharge your phone. If not working then contact Service Center.

Battery Issue

Generally phone is not charging due to battery gets swollen. Even third party or duplicate batteries also stop working causing your phone charging issues. You should remove it immediately and replace with recommended ones. If your phone battery is more than two years old then it has already passed its life span. In that case either it will stop working or its efficiency will decrease.

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Don’t Forget Your Adaptor

If your charger cable is fine then it can be your phone Adaptor that is causing issue. Your charger cable and adaptor might not be separate. Try using charger cable and adaptor same from recommended store to check if fault lies with your phone or charger.

Check Power Source

Sometime your power source could be the issue. Power supply used for others might not fit for your phone as it may not satisfy what the device demands. Try charging your phone with different socket.

Final Comments

The methods mentioned above are easy and helpful. Trying yourself will not only save your time but money that you could be charged. In case the problem is not solved then you should get it repaired from authorized service center.

Let me know if you have other solutions to fix the battery charging problems. If you find the information in this post useful then comment below and share it with your friends!

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