How To Speed Up Internet On Your Android Smartphone

How To Speed Up Internet On Your Android Smartphone

Sometime you might have felt that in spite of good data plan your phone is lagging and internet connection is slow. There can be many reasons for slow internet connection, but with some few tricks you can improve internet speed of your smartphone at your end. These tricks will not convert your internet plans or something but can help you get best out of the existing one. Here I am considering that you are using only your mobile internet data and are not connected to WiFi network. Friends today i will tell you “How To Speed Up Internet On Your Android Smartphone”.

Network Settings

There might be the reason that your phone is not connected to the correct kind of network. Go to Settings and click Mobile Network Settings. In Preferred Network Type check your recommended network. The menu name can vary from device to device, so you may need to find accordingly.

Select GSM/WCDMA/LTE auto network option and check your internet speed. If this does not work then one or the other option as per your location might work. If your phone supports 4G LTE then you should turn the option on. Always set your network to automatic for best results.


As we use apps and other services they store cache memory as per their convenience, but sometime this data is very huge and slow down your handset. You need to clean it for smooth functioning of your smartphone. You can do this manually. Simply go to Settings and press to Applications or Apps.

Check the most used apps like your browser, any game you play, news app, social network apps etc. Press Clear cache button. Some people use cache cleaner apps also to do this.

Unused Apps

Sometime we don’t care about unused apps or the apps which we hardly use. These apps are using memory, data and even consuming battery. You should delete these apps from your smartphone by long pressing the icon and dragging it to uninstall option.

In some devices you will have to go to Settings then Application or Apps and click delete/uninstall App. Here again procedure can vary from device to device. We should check if the information can be taken from website then we can avoid installing their apps. For example if you are not travelling usually then train schedule can be checked from website only.

Facebook Lite

Facebook designed this app for those who are not able to access facebook due to low data speed.  It is smaller in size and quick to download. It uses less data and works on almost all Android Phones.

It is designed for mainly 2G networks or for the areas having slow network connection. So it can be called reduced version of Facebook app. You can opt this app to enjoy facebook.

Similarly, there are other reduced version apps available as an option on the app store.

Web Browser

Web Browsers like Opera Mini and Dolphin can be used which save a lot of data and work nice on slow internet connections.

Disable/Turn off images

We can disable images in web browsers. This will help to load the pages faster. The option can be found in settings menus.

Ad Blocker

Some useless ads also consume data and can make your handset slow. You can install Ad Blocker app to control these ads and save the data speed.

So this is “How To Speed Up Internet On Your Android Smartphone”

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