Things You Should Never Post on Facebook

The trend of being social is changing day by day. We are spending more time on social sites to keep connected. It has become a fashion to share everything which we feel comfortable. Facebook is one of the most popular platforms where people interact each other. Some always want to be in limelight and share a lot.

But have you ever thought about your privacy while using Facebook? Are you not sharing posts which can get you in trouble.

Yes, unknowingly you might be making the situation worse for you by hitting the share button.

Undoubtedly, Facebook is very good social media to keep connected, but for security reasons, you should never post these following things.

1. Address

Posting your home or office address? You should not. Even with your location tags, some creep can assume that’s where you live or work. Moreover, other people or your friends may tag your address. Their accounts could be compromised, so you never actually know who’s watching your feed.

2. Photos of Kids

Mostly people post many tagged pictures and even videos of their kids on Facebook. Some people even post pictures of their children with their full name and location where they go for example school, parks etc.

This kind of information can be misused. Unknown persons can use your children names to build trust and convince them that they are not really a stranger because they know detailed information that allows them to build a rapport with your child.

Even we should not post images or names of other’s children without permission from their parents.

3. Birth Dates

Every one of us would love receiving birthday wishes. It makes us feel good when people remember our birthday and write wishing notes for us. But do you know that by mentioning your full birth date, you are revealing your personal identity?

It can be used by thieves/hackers as the birth date is also used in banks. So you should avoid that as your friends or relatives should know this info.

4. Vacation Details

Posting photos and videos from your trip on Facebook is a nice idea. It is good to share your fun moments. But you should limit this to a selective, trustworthy group of people.

You should not share in details like your further plans on vacation, timings, and places in particular or anything which allows thieves to get the idea about you and your family.

5. Home Alone

You should not only be careful while sharing posts on Facebook during your trip but care must be taken while you are at home. Revealing that you are alone at home could get you in trouble. You wouldn’t walk into a room of strangers and tell them you are going to be all alone at your house.

Your group members might be trustworthy, but their gadgets are not.

6. Your Political or Religious Opinions

Your political or religious options are your personal. You should not share such comments or posts on Facebook as it might hurt other people sentiments. Further, Facebook is certainly not meant for such posts.

The above views on “Things you should never share on Facebook” are my views. What you think on this feel free to share. If you find the information in this post useful then comment below and share it with your friends!

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