Tips to Make Your Computer More Secure

As you all know, use of internet is increasing day by day. Whether its home, office, supermarket, public place, industry etc, internet is everywhere. There are many platforms like Computers, Tablets, Smartphones etc through which we are using internet. It has made our work easy and directly or indirectly becoming part of our life. But on the other side we should not forget that its widespread usage has attracted the interest of hackers. If not taken precautionary measures we can lose data and even money.

Today I will discuss about tips to make your computer secure from these attack. Hackers can get into your computer and steal vital information, get your money by accessing your bank account, get you in trouble by indulging in false practices etc.

Have you heard about Malware, Virus, Ransomware, Trojan, Cyber-Attack etc, but how many of you are preventive? Many people either don’t have knowledge about these attacks or they don’t know how to take necessary actions. Here are some tips to make your computer secure from the hackers.

1. Firewall

These days almost every computer has integrated firewall built in the operating system. Firewall controls the traffic between your computer and other networks.

You should make sure that system firewall is on or connected. In Windows PC it can be accessed from control panel while in Mac, go to system preferences & then security to activate firewall.

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2. Antivirus

Whatever system you are using, you need an antivirus software. Antivirus provides extra layer of security and protect against various types of Malwares, Viruses, Trojans etc. These unwanted invaders can make your computer sick, delete files, access personal data, or use your computer to attack other computers.

Antivirus actively checks your computer and looks for any activity which might have been caused by a virus and if found, it will stop these malicious software to work. This happens all the time in the background. Today Antivirus provide many features like Web Security, Parental Control, Privacy Protection, Cloud Protection etc. On screen keyboard is one of the good feature to type safely.

I suggest you to take care while choosing a good Antivirus. Do not click on security ad banners instead, get it from trusted companies.

Further only having antivirus is not important but it should be updated regularly to save your computer from latest threats.

3. Password

As your device may be connected to Internet, Local Area Network or Wide Area Network, a strong password is important. It should be mixture of different characters for example combination of alphabets, numbers and special symbols must be used.

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You should avoid combinations which can be easily tracked like your date of birth, pet names, birth places etc. If you have too many passwords then you should use a good password manager.

4. Encryption

If someone steals your computer then there can be huge risk that your personal data, emails or other stuff may be hacked. Attacker may also gain access to your online data via the password recovery feature that most service providers offer. Your social accounts or even online banking account can also be accessed. Not only this your data can be misused or can be shared publicly on the internet.

To avoid hackers from accessing your data you should encrypt it. Encryption does not really protect against online surveillance, but it keeps your data safe using encryption program. There are many encryption programs available like True Crypt or DiskCryptor.

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5. Update

Without your knowledge hackers can install malwares in your computers. You should keep your devices updated because developers make improvements to operating systems and software products.

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You should make sure that your operating system and software products are set to automatic update or you can manually check for updates and patches.

6. Avoid Pirated Software

Having a pirated version of software, remove it immediately and get original copy installed from trusted developers. Pirated version lacks not only security patches but can steal your personal information. Generally pirated or duplicate software products come free.

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I have seen many users complaining about data lose or hacking of their accounts. Original software protects your personal data. You may have to pay for original version but its better to avoid risks.

7. Ad-blocker

Using an Ad-blocker to your browser will help significantly reduce the number of tracking cookies. These cookies can collect your personal information, data, location etc and send to other sources.

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8. Two Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication works by sending a second password or code to a device you own and trust, like your phone. It’s being used on all types of websites and all types of platforms like email, social media etc . It is designed to protect your identity.

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